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How to promote the successful transformation of traditional manufacturing industry

Time:2017-08-02 Views:1334
On December 3, the "2016 · China manufacturing +" cross-border e-commerce industry summit and the annual gala of the baii exchange was opened in longgang, shenzhen. 
The summit is sponsored by the economic promotion bureau of longgang district, shenzhen. More than 1000 cross-border electricity sellers from the pearl river delta region, foreign trade practitioners and small manufacturing enterprises gathered more than 300 home, to discuss the "made in China +" cross-border electricity the trend of future development, and how the traditional manufacturing industry in the global trade successful transformation under the wave of electricity. 
The summit, amazon, speed to sell through global cross-border electric business platform about chief, the national well-known cross-border electric business organization the best guy, to create win win business hui, hui, inati on network share with thousands of enterprises on behalf of the chamber of commerce of experts from "made in China" to "made in China brand" out of the opportunities and challenges, imparting cross-border electricity combat "dry". 
It is understood that traditional manufacturing enterprises face severe tests as the international market has been depressed in recent years, the economic downturn, the loss of the demographic dividend and the increase in production costs. 
Where is China‘s manufacturing sector? China‘s cross-border e-commerce has been growing at more than 30 per cent a year in the event of an average annual growth of less than 10 per cent. Amazon in southern China, think "cross-border e-commerce may be manufacturing a new mode of developing foreign trade, and expand overseas marketing channels, the effective ways to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing +." 
Cross-border electricity co., LTD. Shenzhen price chain of CEO sentiment on the BBS said, "through the Internet, from commodity display order, payment by the buyer to sell the home to deliver goods, businesses and individuals through email and instant messaging tool to communicate with buyers and sellers at home and abroad, through the network to trade is becoming a trend." 
Participants agreed that cross-border e-commerce has shown a huge blue sea market to small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. With the continuous innovation and development, cross-border platform of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises can seize the golden time, seize the new opportunity of global trade, quickly open the overseas market, create international brand. 
During the summit, the organizers also organized a product meeting between nearly 100 manufacturers and sellers of cross-border e-commerce. Present products involves the leds, supply and marketing sports DV, bluetooth speakers, consumer electronic audio products, such as the amazon platform, such as hot hot style, unexpected good results have been achieved throughout the activities, for both sides are satisfied results.