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Pneumatic tools will gradually become the backbone of the hardware industry

Time:2017-08-02 Views:1480
With the progress of The Times, the innovation of science and technology, the development of society, the pneumatic tools will gradually become the backbone of the hardware industry. Electric tools with excellent controlling and operational, compared with hand tools greatly reduces the labor intensity, improve work efficiency and realize mechanization of manual operation, and low than the cost of pneumatic tools and easy control. 
In the country‘s largest hardware professional market, the collection of the national and global hardware products. In this class is various, competitive market, engaged in pneumatic tools business is gradually climbing up the number of shops, which indicates that the development of pneumatic tools products have considerable future and favorable market environment. 
Pneumatic tools good prospects: first, in terms of working ability, pneumatic tools through the operation of the air supply valve handle and adjust the regulator can be done very simply, level of speed range can provide more choice, under the condition of the same output power, small, lightweight compared to electric tools, pneumatic tools is more suitable for working long hours, without fever phenomenon, and overload occur even if the compressed air engine, tools just stop running, once remove overload phenomenon has resumed normal operation. 
In terms of environmental applicability, pneumatic tools have better water resistance. While flooding is harmful to tools, it is not likely to generate electrical sparks, such as power tools, that can cause harm. And because the pneumatic tool can use the internal combustion engine air pump, can adapt to all kinds of bad or bad environment. 
Finally, in terms of economy, the initial investment of power tools is low, but the long-term use of energy consumption is high, and the cost of tool maintenance and replacement is also high. The initial investment of pneumatic tools requires the establishment of air pressure pipeline equipment, but the long-term use is lower in energy consumption and tool maintenance. 
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