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The best craftsmanship is amazing

Time:2017-07-26 Views:1480
The PCB industry has been developing for many years, but the growth in recent years has been sluggish and not optimistic. There are news reports that more than 10 percent of PCB companies disappear in China every year. This situation is closely related to the change of industrial structure brought about by the development of The Times. Only change, the PCB industry can survive in the fierce competition reality. 
As is known to all, PCB is high pollution, high energy consumption, high investment, labor intensive industry. In the transition period, enterprises are faced with many problems. Environmental protection, due to the continuous improvement of environmental requirements in the country in recent years, the policy is becoming more and more stringent, which makes the environmental pressure of enterprises more and more serious. In terms of cost, not only will the international raw material prices continue to rise in the face of the high inflation environment, but also the wage cost of the workers brought by the implementation of the new labor law; Add to that the rise of the yuan, the rise of low-cost manufacturing in southeast Asia and many other external factors, and many low-end manufacturers in the PCB industry even come to an existential crisis. 
Many enterprises adopt various methods of cost control, which is to reduce wages and raw materials, but these savings are very limited and cannot be solved at all. Some enterprises may also lack investment in research and development and marketing, resulting in unbalanced development and loss of core competitiveness. Although there are also some enterprise cost into consideration, begin to transfer to the central and western regions, to reduce labor costs, but in fact, has increased the other design, research and development, logistics cost, in the long run, is not cost-effective. 
The popularization of information technology and software applications has promoted the development of various industries. The emergence of "Internet +" thinking has upended the industrial structure of certain industries and broadened people‘s horizons. The idea first introduced services, then to industrial production. Of course, this thinking also brings a spring breeze to the PCB industry. 
Although there are still a lot of PCB enterprises choose to believe the traditional PCB design, production, sales, operations, management mode, and to the Internet, there are still many doubts, and thus is in a state of wait-and-see, but also have individual companies first, combining the PCB with the Internet, in product design create a new PCB cloud platform; In engineering operation, the entire automation of Internet management is realized; In terms of sales and management, it is dominated by Internet thinking. Of course, some of these companies also got a sweet spot.