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The price is cheap, the speed is quite fast

Time:2017-07-26 Views:4233
In 2013, the team produced the world‘s lightest solid material carbon sponge. On the day of the report, all the mainland shares related to graphene were red. 
This time, the excellent team creatively put forward the new idea of "large crinkling", preparation of graphene film - fold up the large graphene staggered home, made into macroscopic graphene membrane, which can realize high thermal conductivity; Then, the graphene film is added to the microfold structure, so that the material can stretch when the bending bend is enough to ensure the high flexibility. 
Yesterday, at the lab in zhejiang university, qian reported the first time that the reporter saw graphene film, the color is similar to the sea moss, soft as cloth. 
What‘s the effect? The team bought a mobile phone with the most advanced heat dissipation membrane on the market. Using the graphite film behind the cell phone, the graphene membrane prepared by them was compared with the graphene film. 
It‘s better than heat conduction. Is also play the game, the king of glory through the graphite film cooling of the cellular phone, measure to the backplane CPU temperature is about 39 ℃. Mobile phone and switch to using graphene membrane, backplane 33 ℃ temperature. 
Although only 6 ℃ difference, but generally speaking, mobile temperature increase 8-10 ℃, the higher the frequency of the "high fever", scrap term will come sooner. And electronic product efficiency, more than 50 % is due to high temperature. 
It‘s more flexible. At present, the largest graphite film material can be folded 6 times in the same direction. The graphene film of the superb team can tolerate more than 100,000 bends without affecting its thermal conductivity. Even more amazingly, the graphene membrane remained unbroken after repeated folding 6,000 times. 
In the future, human endeavors will remain a matter of grounding the earth and exploring the stars. 
You can imagine that if you want a mobile phone like a bracelet to buckle at the wrist, at least the graphene film that is used as a thermal conductivity has overcome this problem. 
Higher-end applications, can also be seen in exploration universe mystery, fly out of the spacecraft of the space, also faces save material, reduce weight, face up, back to the sun to produce the problem such as large temperature difference, there is a kind of can expand and high thermal conductivity material, can solve these problems.