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When can hardware enterprise get rid of OEM production?

Time:2017-08-02 Views:1270
In the past few days, I went shopping with my sisters, and I saw the clothes of a brand store, but I didn‘t know how to deal with the price. BUT, on the Internet to see dazzling, this just understand a lot of brand shop of clothes is not their own production, many products are through the production of OEM brand, this also means that in addition to the influence of the brand itself and some core technology for all of its outside, outside is to be replaced by some enterprises processing. 
For the traditional hardware industry, OEM production is everywhere. China as a large nation of 1.3 billion people, are particularly rich labor resources, and increasing development trend, this makes many famous hardware brand choice as OEM production and sales of large base in China. But we have to understand that everything has two sides, and OEM must be the same as the pros and cons, so we should treat the problem rationally and rationally. 
Leigh: it‘s on the producer side 
Under the new normal economy, the market is in a state of saturation and processing for well-known brands, which can increase the international competitiveness of the enterprise and enhance its influence. Since ancient times, walk in the forefront of social are have innovation ability and to master the core technology of enterprises, so that enterprises can learn in the process of machining the uniqueness of the generation of product, which is innovative, learn from the strong points of others, lean your own products, it is the key to long-term survival. 
The con: it‘s to the producer 
As is known to all, as the "hardware capital of yongkang, has always been the vane of the industry, but it is worth pondering is: local brand, mostly foreign brands, and many hardware companies in the generation of processing components for others is becoming more and more long, the state of the independent brand is facing a severe test in the creation. 
All in all, the brand effect of building a product is to be noticed, whether it‘s a fast sale or a necessity. Even if short-term processing can make you rich, we must understand that without a brand, there is no future. Only by establishing the independent brand and forming its own unique product culture can we have a place in the competitive industry.