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Medical beauty equipment

C8 q switch nd yag laser tattoo / birthmark removal laser

Model No:DP-C8
Size:Dimensions (length × width × height, mm): 600 × 350 × 740mm
Packing:Aluminum wooden flight case box
  • Principle of q switch nd yag laser
    The principle of Comprehensive pigment dispel treatment instrument is using the selective laser
    photothermolysis and Q Switched laser blasting action principle, aim the precise dosage of energy
    which with a specific wavelength in a very short time at a specific structure of color bases :
    The ink pigment particle, carbon particles and other exogenous and endogenous pigment
    melanin cell disease in the dermis and epidermis . Using the extremely narrow pulse width,
    high peak power of laser, the pigment suddenly heated and blasting and will be broken into smaller particles,
    The crushed debris particles will be Out of the body after being Consumed by macrophages ‘cause of Metabolism .
    Pigment gradually fades, and finally disappeared after pigmented treatment periodically, and achieve the purpose of treatment.
    Hemoglobin in the abnormal expansion of blood vessels absorpts doubling frequency 532 nm laser,
    shrink blood vessels by heating photocoagulation, vascular tissue due to hypoxia lesions in the areas of the fade of blood vessels,
    to achieve the goal of treatment.
    Laser selective photothermal treatment principle is widely recognized as the best way for non-invasive treatment of pigmented skin lesions.

    Therapeutic range:
    1. Ota removal
    2. birthmark removal
    3. chloasma removal
    4. tattoo removal 
    Advantages :
    1. Easy to operation, 1064nm and 532nm can switch automoticly by press different button on the screen.
    2. Big power supply, so the machine is powerful.
    3. Can adjust the spot size when switch the head.
    4. Big water tank, so the cooling system is very good.
    5. Metal shell, safe during the transport.

    Birthmark removal
    Remove tattoo eyebrow, eye liner tattoo, lip lines.
    Pigment spots removal
    Freckle removal
    Remove nevus of ota, café-au-lait spots, age pigment.
    Remove spot wine stains and spider angiomatas.
    Professional medical q switch laser system
    2000mj powerful laser energy
    Laser generator made in Germany, top quality and superior performance
    Medical EO Active Q Switch Technology
    Color touch screen with friendly user interface
    Professional design with fashionable appearance
    High quality articulated laser arm
    Precise temperature control Freon cooling system


    Product name Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
    Controller Key press display
    Energy 1-1500mJ (1064nm); 1-800mJ (532nm)
    Power 2500W
    Pulses width  6-12ns
    Spot diameter  1-10mm adjustable
    Light transmission beam 7 articular-arm of light guide transmitting, transmission power is more than 75%
    Aiming light Indicator Red semiconductor aiming light, wavelength 650-670nm
    Packing size 100*54*100 cm
    Weight 60 kg
    Wastage power 1000VA
    Voltage AC 110V/220V
    Frequency 1-10Hz adjustable
    Pulse energy 100mj-1500mj
    Spot size Continually adjustable
    Cooling System Closed-off Water cooling +Air cooling
    Colors Multi-color option

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