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Hsi smart TV‘s core chip shipped nearly 10 million last year

Time:2017-07-26 Views:999
By the end of this year, guangdong will apply for a 4K test channel. 4K ultra hd is another major technological change after digitization and high resolution, which will create huge market space. It is estimated that by 2020, the popularization of 4K TV network will drive industry-related industries to exceed 600 billion yuan. 
Guangdong province develops ultra hd TV industry to have a good foundation, not only has a batch of leading enterprises, but also formed a complete industrial chain. At present, the province will use 4K TV as a starting point and implement the "new digital family action". 
In the age of 4K, are you ready? Southern daily from this day to launch "4 k industry chain big investigation", respectively from the terminal, content production, transmission channel, etc., from the Angle of industry chain advantages and prospect of the development of 4 k in our province. Please note. 
The world is becoming more and more clear in "ultra hd" devices. Currently, the 4K uhd market is booming and is expected to reach $388.9 billion by 2025. China has become the world‘s largest market for 4K TV products. China not only has a large consumer group, but also produces the majority of the production. 
Last year the state council issued the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national strategic emerging industry development planning ", points out that to strengthen the core information technology industry, which, to develop new application oriented chip, realize ultra-high resolution (4 k / 8 k) quantum dots technology localization of breakthrough and scale applications such as liquid crystal display (LCD). 
Chip research and development of Europe and the United States, panel development breakthrough... As our country home appliance manufacturing industry forefront, guangdong has been one of the leading enterprises in 4 k industry development: guangdong province "4 k TV networks and industry development plan (2017-2020)" published a few days ago, a batch of advanced enterprise supply chain is formed by "preconditions for hematopoietic" 4 k development in our country. 
"Panel king" leads innovation or the next vents 
Shenzhen guangming new district, with a total investment of more than 50 billion yuan in the development of the photovoltaic G11 project, the building is in full swing. The project has broken the investment record for industrial projects since the city was built, which is aimed at the development and manufacturing of high-end panels such as 4K. The G11 project has been officially approved for construction, and it took only five months to start the project, according to the head of TCL. Planned for December 2017, the main workshop will be capped and the production line will be lit by the end of 2018, and the mass production will begin in the first quarter of 2019. 
When users enjoy 4K products, the screen with the most front-end supply of 4K products is undoubtedly the most perceptible object of the user. Many users of 4K cognition come from the resolution and quality of the display screen, which determines the resolution and quality of the display panel, which is the technology of the panel. The development of the panel has been regarded as the cutting-edge technology of color TV manufacturing, and 4K and other ultra hd panels are considered as the next vents. 
According to market research data, the sales volume of 4K TV panels reached 6374 million tablets in 2016, with a year-on-year growth rate of 70%, and the corresponding market share increased to 24.7%. Globally, LG and samsung are leading the field of high-end panel development, which represents cutting-edge technology, and the 4K panel now being developed in China is also trying to lead innovation. According to the market research institute group intelligence, in 2016, China‘s total shipments of China‘s photovoltaic and beijing-orient 4K TV panels were 4.68 million and 4.1 million respectively, with global market share reaching 7.4 percent and 6.4 percent respectively. 
As a well-known home appliance company based in guangdong, TCL group has a leading position in panel production projects and is providing solid hardware support for the development of 4K industry in China. The G11 project is just one of several panel production projects in TCL group. Last month, TCL huaxing optoelectronics 6th generation flexible ltps-amoled display panel production line (" t4 project ") started construction in wuhan. The t4 project plans to produce 45,000 large glass substrate monthly, mainly producing 3 "-12" high resolution flexible and folding smart phone with display panel. 
"Semiconductor chip and display technology, electronic information industry is the most densely populated areas, China‘s semiconductor display industry is to build a strong competitiveness, TCL huaxing photoelectric goal is to become the world‘s most competitive semiconductor display panel enterprise." Li dongsheng, chairman of TCL group, said. 
"China core" has broken the monopoly of huawei, which shipped nearly 10 million yuan last year 
The video chip that supports 4K imaging is less well-known than the popularity of 4K display. However, the complete video process includes video collection, video processing, video transmission and video, which show 4 most of them, each of which is tightly linked. Among them, the most important is the video processing, video processing includes video codec, go to interlaced video image and video format conversion, video processing quality mainly lies in the performance of the chip. 
Haisi hi3751V600, hi3751V510 chip, huawei is becoming more brand 4 k TV "heart", including the sharp, hisense, konka, and many other brands are used on the haisi chips, and in many years ago, it was unthinkable. 
According to ai media consulting, chief analyst zhang yi, since 2005, the United States of TI, Ann, rebar, NXP, our country Taiwan TEWELL, Japan‘s SONY, SHARP, a large number of countries and regions such as semiconductor companies or electronic enterprise committed to video codec chip research and development, vigorously promote the development of the market. 
But before 2010, domestic self-research chips are basically in the prototype or self-use stage, and the market acceptance is very low. At the time, domestic chips accounted for only about 1%, foreign chips accounted for more than 95%, and TI occupied almost half of China‘s market. The reason is that foreign manufacturers have rich experience accumulation, deep ploughing in this field for many years, familiar with the characteristics of the industry, the stability of domestic chips has yet to be improved. "So when the video industry was applied, the selection of chips was basically only foreign chips, and the selection of domestic chips was very rare." 
"The situation has changed a lot over the past two years," zhang said. "the Chinese companies, represented by huawei haisi and zhongxing microelectronics, have emerged." Haisi semiconductor co., LTD., founded in October 2004, is a wholly owned subsidiary of huawei. Headquartered in shenzhen, it has design divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, silicon valley and Sweden. The products cover wireless network, fixed network, digital media and other fields of chips and solutions, successfully applied in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. 
Huawei haisi relevant controller introduces, the video codec chip system is very comprehensive, from 65 a to 65 nanometers, 3519, 28 nm chip contains products consumer market, the commercial market and industry market, resolution from D1 to the latest 4 k, frame rate is as high as 60 FPS. 
The reporter understands that the share of domestic chip in the Chinese market has increased to about 60%, which is 60 times that of a decade ago, while the proportion of foreign chips is down to about 35%. The company has occupied more than half of the domestic market, and its own ultra-high definition smart TV core chip, which has shipped nearly 10 million units in 2016, has entered the supply chain of six domestic color TV manufacturers. 
"Over the past decade, huawei haisi counter attack, in the field of video chip breaking foreign giant monopoly, reduces the high-end chip in the overall price, the" Chinese core "in a number of brand products." Industry insiders pointed out to reporters. 
The whole machine benefits thousands of households by way of sales 
The domestic panel, the chip "born in the sky" bring the price of the "kin" of the product price of 4K. As early as a few years ago, 4 k TV is both a ten thousand yuan, most of the nearly 100000 yuan, even not prohibitive, but in recent years, 4 k TV prices downward trend on the whole, 4 k TV is popular, "flying off the shelves. 
According to market research firm Mr D cloud network statistics, in 2016 China‘s domestic market 4 k TV sales of 24.55 million units (among them, 20.349 million sets of domestic brand sales, 92.8%), which accounts for 48% of color TV sales, for twice the global average. 
According to the data, about 26 million 4K TV products were sold in China in 2016, which has become the largest market in the world. By 2018, the proportion of China‘s 4K TV sales will exceed 60% and continue to be the world leader. It is expected to reach 44 million units by 2020. While North America and Western Europe are the second and third largest markets for 4K TV, the projected total of 4K TV sales in 2020 is only 44.9 million. 
As three giant cluster TCL, skyworth, konka color TV, "town" guangdong province 51% of the country‘s color TV production in 2016, among them 76.2017 million sets of LCD TV production, accounting for nearly half of the country. Home appliance analyst liu buchen resolution to the reporter, mainly because since early 2017, the Chinese color TV market due to the rising prices of raw materials, such as Internet brand strategy of failure reason, experienced a sustained decline in the size of the. In this context, the structural adjustment of the color TV industry has become the normal situation, the color TV giant has been upgrading its transformation and seeking a new machine. 
Skyworth digital holdings co., LTD., according to executive director Liu Tangzhi skyworth will from two aspects of product upgrades and channel adjustment, focus on consumption upgrade products, including domestic 4 k TV is top priority. It is reported that in the fiscal year 2016/17, the sales volume of skyworth 4K smart TVS in the domestic market rose 54 per cent year on year, and plans to boost the proportion of 4K smart TVS in domestic sales to 55 per cent in the 2016/18 fiscal year. 
Reporter survey also found that the market at present, many domestic brands, including skyworth, 4 k TV product price has lower than ten thousand yuan, the 4 k of thousands of yuan class television is quite popular with users, guangdong manufacturing machine 4 k TV, taking place across the country family sitting room. 
In 2016, the shipments of China star photovoltaic and Beijing Oriental 4K TV panels were 4.68 million and 4.1 million respectively, and the global market share reached 7.4 percent and 6.4 percent respectively 
At present, the market share of 4K imaging in China has increased to about 60%, which is 60 times that of a decade ago, while the proportion of foreign chips has been reduced to about 35% 
With more than half of China‘s market share, hsi has developed its own ultra hd smart TV core chip, which has entered the supply chain of six domestic color TV manufacturers 
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