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These 5 accessories may be the killer of your phone

Time:2017-08-18 Views:1280
Since the invention of the mobile phone, the various accessories around it have been arranged. Many friends started purchasing accessories to decorate their phones as soon as they changed their new phones. 
But it‘s important to note that not all accessories are suitable for your phone. Some of the accessories you‘re using may be quietly hurting your phone. 
Mobile phone dust plug 
In order to prevent dust from entering the mobile phone interface, merchants have introduced various kinds of dustproof plugs, including plastic, metal and various kinds. Many make cartoon shape, very recruit girl to like. 
But the dust stopper will wear out the headphone jack, causing no trace. The dust stopper of soft glue will break your headphone jack if it doesn‘t fit. 
The metal dust stopper may also damage the circuit of the headphone joint, causing a short circuit of the phone, which may be harmful to the motherboard. 
If you use your cell phone regularly in the wind and sand, the dust stopper does play a role; But if you are only used in daily living environment, dustproof plug is most of adornment effect, do not prevent dust at all. And the dustproof plugs are so easy to drop that you lose them. 
In fact, the phone‘s headphone hole itself has anti-dust effect, sufficient to cope with the dust in daily life. 
Mobile phone fan 
Summer is hot, and you‘re always sweating, so the smart guy invented the gadget, a gadget that lets you walk and chill while walking, and that‘s pretty cool. 
But have you ever thought about your phone? 
The data interface of the phone can only be used as input and cannot be exported. The small fan needs a large amount of current output to work properly, which has seriously affected the operation of the battery and circuit board of the cell phone. 
What if the phone can‘t charge? You can give a small fan the most damaging mobile phone award at the end of the year. 
There are a lot of small fans with a power supply on the market. Don‘t try to be cool again, let the phone‘s small fan destroy your phone. 
Inferior mobile power supply 
The outside mobile power supply is almost standard. If you don‘t think carefully about your options, you may have a safety hazard in your current mobile power supply. 
Inferior mobile power supply because the price is low, the circuit board tends to be more primitive, poor quality of the core lacks consistency, seriously affect the stability of power supply. 
A good mobile power source should be considered in terms of charging performance, safety, durability and conversion efficiency. Appearance level, price is only part of the reference standard. It‘s not worth the risk of ruining your cell phone. 
Substandard charger wire 
Generally speaking, the life of a data cable is very short, basically use half a year or so needs to change. 
Usually, people are in the bag or the company has the data line, in case of the embarrassment of charging the line in unfamiliar places. Sometimes people choose to have low prices and good data lines. 
But if you use low-quality chargers and cables for a long time, the current instability will affect some of the electronic components on your phone‘s motherboard. Time will be long enough to see the main board or some of the components to run their own electricity. And it can cause the cell phone battery life to become short, the phenomenon of false full. You will find that 99 to 100 percent of this process will be very long, and it will drop to 99 percent once it doesn‘t. 
This is a symptom of unhealthy battery life, and the long term use of low-quality data lines can make your phone‘s life much worse. 
Earphone coil winder 
The most common type of wire wrap is the type of plastic that has grooves, which can be wrapped around the groove. 
It seems that the headphone line is much more organized, but another problem comes with it. Regular use of wire wrap can accelerate the aging of wire material and fracture, so don‘t tie the headphone cord into knots or push hard, it will only accelerate the aging of the headphone line. 
These are not used phone accessories, which may cause potential damage to your phone. Next time you‘re picking up your phone accessories, be sure to take your smart brain carefully. 
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