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This new technology will revolutionize the way people use mobile phones

Time:2017-07-26 Views:1916
A new technology will bring huge business opportunities to video‘s YouTube, amazon, online movie rental services Netflix and Google. 
The technology, called OLED (organic light-emitting diode), will soon change the way people use smartphones. 
David Mr Zell (David Fiszel) of New York investment firm Honeycomb Asset Management in the second quarter letter sent to investors last week mark the special technology, and explains its enormous significance for technology giants. The company was set up last summer, and its net income since the beginning of the year has grown by 12.2%. 
Here‘s a summary of the contents of the letter: 
"OLED technology can make screen showing a crystal clear image, and not like the traditional screen need backlight. This makes them become more energy efficient. The OLED screen is as thin as paper, flexible, can bend, and can be applied to any plane from the plastic to the glass, not just on the television. Imagine, it can be a window screen, walls, and even cars taillight to work. Some of the OLED display screen can be expanded, thus increasing the size of the screen, let you more easily browse the Internet and watch the video, at the same time doesn‘t change you now the size of the mobile phone." 
This new technology will revolutionize the way people use mobile phones 
Honeycomb points out that OLED also has longer battery life. The makers of smartphones and home appliances are ready to apply the OLED technology to their products. 
So who would benefit from that? 
YouTube and Netflix. YouTube "now has 1.5 billion active users, they now spend 40 minutes on the site every day, every day watch online is a total of 1 billion hours. Netflix audience currently online watch 1 billion hours of video every week. If you use a larger, smart phone screen can be folded, the two platform viewers watch online video duration could be greatly increased." 
Google and Facebook. As mobile video ads may generate more advertising revenue, the two companies will naturally benefit more. "Based on past experience, from desktop to mobile advertising, due to a smaller screen, so the price will be affected by the negative. However, OLED devices will be able to reverse the trend, make more flat place to advertise. In this case, we believe that the future of advertising revenue will increase significantly, because of the price of video ads are much higher than the price of the link to click on ads." 
"Goldman sachs recently estimated that the size of the OLED industry will triple from now to 2020, to $46 billion." "The future of OLED technology is limitless," Honeycomb added. 
The hedge fund also sees the future of Applied Materials, which it currently invests in. 
According to the Honeycomb company, Applied Materials co., LTD. Is "semiconductor capital equipment suppliers, also is the leading supplier in the OLED industry. It is undervalued by the market, because of OLED related sales accounts for only a few of chipmaking gear company revenue." 
Prior to his creation of Honeycomb last summer, Mr Feazer worked at the company of famed fund manager Steve Cohen. In 2000, he moved on to Wall Street hedge fund firm SAC Capital Advisors. He then left to start Rhombus Capital, a hedge fund start-up. He returned to Cohen‘s company after the company closed in 2007. (compilation/music) 
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