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Uncovering the secrets of the phone‘s data cables

Time:2017-08-18 Views:1355
Apple: the date of replacement will be extended for one year 
The replacement for apple‘s iPhone accessories is consistent with the iPhone‘s own warranty. The current iPhone warranty is one year, so the warranty period is the same. In one year, the data line has broken down and can be replaced at apple‘s official store for free, but apple does not provide maintenance services for the data line. As for the current iPhone warranty strategy of legal channels, if the accessories are replaced free of charge for the first time, the warranty period will be extended for another year, which is an advantage of apple‘s warranty strategy. In addition to the data line, including headphone, charger and other accessories and data line warranty strategy is consistent. 
Samsung: replace the accessories before insurance, and may extend the warranty period as appropriate 
Samsung, like apple, has a one-year warranty on its products, with data lines and chargers consistent with product warranties for a year. It‘s important to note that the phone‘s warranty is actually three months and the battery is guaranteed for half a year. And apple accessories warranty policy, usually a samsung product maintenance strategy is not extended warranty within the time limit, but if your equipment in a confirmed a few days before changing accessories, then according to the different locations of the official pit, there will be a discretionary increase 1 to 3 months warranty time. 
HTC: the warranty period for all parts is one year 
First of all, an artificial customer service representative who has access to HTC requires the user to enter an HTC phone‘s IMEI code. The HTC handset after sale also is regular three packs, the warranty period is one year. Accessories, HTC phones 15 days since the purchase of consumers can enjoy free repair service in HTC authorized service outlets, including cable, base, chargers, DC adapter, data interface card, form a complete set of batteries, headphones, etc. If it is replaced, it is also calculated on the day that the consumer buys the product to issue the invoice, and does not provide the service of the spare parts. 
LG: the official will not provide warranty service to the data line 
LG has few direct stores on the mainland, so the warranty strategy is slightly different. LG phone, charger warranty time is one year. What is more surprising is that the data line does not provide warranty service at LG. In other words, whether your phone is under warranty or not, the data line is out of the question LG officially does not support replacing it. However, LG‘s customer service also revealed that the different maintenance policies will be slightly relaxed, and users can go to the store to repair the store‘s warranty service for data lines or other accessories. 
Nokia: apart from battery, the phone accessories are all guaranteed for one year 
As with HTC, it is also necessary to input device IMEI code before it can be asked to enjoy the nokia artificial after-sales service. The warranty period for nokia phones is one year, and the three packs are valid for six months from the date of purchase. Data line, charger, charging base, bluetooth headset, mobile terminal card and data interface card for one year warranty, regular cable headphones for 3 months. The accessory will not extend the warranty after maintenance. 
SONY: apart from the earphones, the phone accessories are all guaranteed for one year 
Finally, get to know SONY. SONY phone warranty period is one year, parts warranty policy is cable and charger for 1 year period, because is not to replace the batteries, so the warranty time and phone 3 packets, with is one year. The warranty period for headphones is 3 months. Even if the user changes parts during the warranty period, SONY doesn‘t offer a warranty on accessories. 
In conclusion, the most important part of the accessory warranty is apple. The replacement of accessories within the warranty period will provide the extended warranty service for the accessory. Compared with samsung, HTC, nokia, SONY‘s average fittings after-sales is, basically conforms to 3 packets of regulations, but details of different parts in the warranty time will have differences, such as the flexibility of samsung in accessories maintenance postponed, there are some advantages. In the case of headphones, HTC‘s warranty period is one year, which is more competitive than other brands. More surprisingly LG LG mobile phone cable official does not provide warranty service, in other words, only to strive for the opportunity of replacement authorized repair shop, the rules of disunity is somewhat difficult to accept. 
How to distinguish real fake data line? 
The above interview content is more useful for those phone accessories to protect users. If your phone has been insured, it‘s a pity that you can only pay for the cable of the original plant. However, the price of the cable of the original plant is expensive, and many consumers prefer to pay less for the fake data lines. So what are the pitfalls? The author visited the maintenance department in zhongguancun, and asked the senior technical man to disassemble the authentic goods and the fake data line to restore the truth to the readers. 
In order to give you a better demonstration, we found the iphone 5s‘s original data line and the shanzhai data line, and the comparison was complete. 
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