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Neonate Patient Monitor

infant neonate use neonatal patient monitor multi-parameter monitor for hospital and clinic

Product Features

7.5"Touchscreen with High Resolution
Neonatal Non-Invasive Blood Pressure [135mmHg] Excess-Pressure Protection.
Adjustable Neonatal Breath Pause Alarm Time (15 - 20 s)
Monitor Chart Trends and Reviews Up to 72 hours.
Data Recoverable and Charts Can be Replayed.
Oxygen Level Can be Monitored Seperately with Functions of Setting High and Low Limits of Oxygen Levels.
Data Deposits and Review Functions Enable Caretakers for Further Examination.
Light and Portable for External Record and Connection to Central Networks
DC/AC Applicable with Internal Batteries for Up to 1.5 h Independent Power Supply.

  • Heart-Rate Modes

    Lead Input:3/5 (3 for most cases)
    3-Lead Mode:Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ
    5-Lead Mode:Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ、AVR、AVL、AVF、V
    Gain:2.5mm/mV,5.0 mm/mV,10 mm/mV,
    20 mm/mV
    Wave Speed:12.5mm/s,25 mm/s,50 mm/s,
    Accuracy:±2% or ±1bpm
    Leakage Current:<10μA
    Protection:Separation Tolerance 4000V,50/60Hz voltage with anti-tremor protectin
    Electrocardio Tabs:1mV±5%
    Test Range:24~280bpm(b/min)
    Alarm Range:100~180bpm(b/min)
    ST Interval Analysis:Yes
    Arrhythmia Alarm/Review:Yes
    Alarm:multi-angle sound & light alarms with repetitions

    Blood O2 Saturation Specification

    Test Range:0~100%
    0%~79% nondescriptable
    Alarm Range:0~100% continuous
    Pulse Rate:measurement and alarm range 30~250bpm
    Alarm:multi-angle sound & light

    Breathe Mode

    Mode:RA-LL impedence
    Test Range:0~120rpm
    Asphyxiation Detection and Alarm:15~20 s (adjustable by seconds)
    Blood Pressure Type
    Measurement Method: automatic oscillation
    Work Mode:  manual/automatic/continuous
    Auto-Measure Time:1~960 min (adjustable)
    Measurement Unit:mmHg/KPa
    Type of measurement:  systolic pressure / diastolic pressure / mean pressure
    Measurement Range:systolic:30~130mmHg diastolic:10~100mmHg mean:17~110mmHg
    over-pressure protection:135 mmHg
    Resolution:1 mmHg For Continuous Adjustment

    Body Temperature Mode

    Test Range:0~50℃
    Alarm Range:>37℃ or <36℃
    Channel Number:Single

    O2 Concentration Mode

    Test & Alarm Range:21%~100%
    Single Adjustment Interval:1%
    Measurement Error:±5%
    Update Time:6秒钟
    Alarm Pause:1分

    Standard Configuration Settings

    3-Lead Heart Rate, Breathing, Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Pulse, Single Body Temperature, Oxygen Concentration.

    Optional Settings

    Recorder, CCTV Network System, Equipment Frame
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